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Greetings from CEO/ Company
TOP TRADING ENG CO.,LTD. was established in 1992 to implement business of developing analysis instruments and experimental equipment which consolidate the foundation of South Korean environmental industry and have continuously worked in the last 20 years to achieve domestication of environmental industry.
Based on ‘Pioneer spirit’ and putting forward ‘Quality-first Policy’, we have strengthened the basis of domestic environmental business and at the same time, step-by-step, marched towards technological development which can stand side by side and compete with global markets.
We believe that TOP TRADING ENG CO.,LTD. ‘s efforts to create a happier life and healthier environment greatly leads the path towards environmental industry development by providing the customer with the best quality and best service.
As the leading company in the environmental industry, we promise to be a company who contributes to society, a company which employees take pride in, a company which cooperative partners want to work with and that we will challenge and strive continuously based on sincerity and good faith. We are grateful to all customers who visit our website and that your time spent here can be enjoyable and beneficial.