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Air Sampling System

Characteristics of Sampling System
  • Air Sampling System are composed of Pump, Indirect Vacuum box, Teflon Holder and Stand.
  • One side of Indirect Vacuum box is made with transparent poly
    carbonate material so that amount of sample suction can be checked.
  • Vacuum box is made to be light weight and for portable uses,
    and degree of vacuum is excellent.
  • Teflon valves are used for Indirect Vacuum box’s In.
  • Out valves. Usage is convenient by production of extended
    teflon tubes.
  • Sampling Pump are Portable re-chargeable type
    and is portable and allows easy transport (1~5L / min).
  • Usage by connecting to external battery is possible so that long
    periods of sample collection, or multiple sample collection is

Analysis Kit

Odorless Air Production Device
  • Composed of 5 levels of Clean Air filters and large amounts of activated carbon chamber and control methods are convenient.
  • Uses Oilless Pump to prevent spread of odor.
  • Special EP processed 6 ports activated carbon chamber is in large quantity of 10L.
Model OA-301A
Clean Air
5 levels Trap
(Wet air bubble trap → Overflow trap →
Silicagel trap → Activate charcoal trap →
Molecular sieve trap)
6 Port Charcoal Chamber
Pump Oilless Diaphram pump (Max. 15L/min)
Activate charcoal
Capacity : 10L. 6Port Outlet line
Material : SUS304(Electric Polishing)
Dimension W430XD270XH450 mm
Power 220W, 50/60 Hz
Odor Bag
Usage odor bag for air diluted
Material Polyester
Inlet Tube PET
Thickness 20㎛
Volume 3L (240 X 260 mm)
P/N 205-1001-00
The odor judges diagnositc reagent
Usage Reagent for smell test for panels during
orfactory method Test
Components Acetic acid(1.0% wt, 10ml)
Trimethylamine (0.1% wt. 10ml)
Methylcyclopentenolone(0.32 %wt, 10ml)
Phenylethyl alcohol (1.0 %, 10ml)
Reference solution (20ml)
Test paper(500/pk)
P/N 001-1004
Nose Mask
Usage Usage by connecting to sample entrance for the odor bag for precision of diagnosing odor
Material PET
Components 100ea/pk
P/N 001-1001
Cap for Odor BAG
Usage Used as a closing cap after inserting non-odor or sample in the odor bag
Material High-purity silicone
Components 100ea/pk
P/N 001-1002
Glass Syringes for Dilution
Usage Used when odor samples are diluted in stages
Material Glass
Components 1ml, 5ml, 10ml, 30ml, 50ml, 100ml, Needle
P/N 001-1003