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Silent Air Compressor/ Product
Silent Air Compressor
  • Produces Air with the least amount of noise.
  • It is Oilless Type, and humidity is reduced when air is provided,
  • Provides high-purity air.
  • Suitable for analyzer use such as AAS or GC etc.
  • Safety device for black outs are adhered on.
  • It is possible allows control of air pressure.
  • SAC-100 : Gas Chromatograph
  • SAC-300 : Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
           Supply Air for Small Chamber System
Specifications SAC-100 SAC-300
Head Type Oilless Type Oilless Type
Head Power 1/8 HP 1 HP
Tank Capacity 12L 50L
Trap Moisture Trap & Regulator Moisture Trap & Regulator
Cooling Head Cooling System Head Cooling System
Dimension(W×D×H mm) 500×320×500 800×400×760
Power 220V, 50~60Hz 220V, 50~60Hz
Sound(dB) 40 72