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Small Chamber System Introduction/ Product · VOCs Chamber System
Small Chamber System is?
Small Chamber System is an equipment which measures the amount of polluted substances emmisions from building materials.
The test method for measuring pollutant amount from building materials is, focusing on building materials which discharge large amounts of pollutants such as adhesives, sealants, paint, putty, wallpaper, flooring and more and measuring and analyzing VOCs and HCHO that is emmisions from them.

Small Chamber System is constructed to maintain the same temperature, relative humidity and amount of ventilation, and the equipment also provides clean air inside the emission test chamber and collects quantitative sample from the exit.
KS M 1988-2 / ISO 16000-9 / JIS A 1901
Designed to be appropriate for testing measurements and to be customized depending on research purposes.
System Configuration : 4-Chamber / 5-Chamber / 7-Chamber/ 8-Chamber/ 9-Chamber
Flow Diagram of Small Chamber System
Small Chamber’s structure
  • This is a single unit multi-model where all units are composed within the thermostat container, size of product is minimized.
  • All units can be controlled and set conveniently via touch screen.
  • clean air is created by 5 step filtering of air from the Air Supply Unit.
  • For creation of clean air, oilless type head is used and to reduce pulse from air compression, 50L storage tank is installed.
  • Temperature and humidity data is displayed in realtime, and can be saved as excel file.
  • By increasing sealed amount of Small Chamber high pressure chamber testing is possible.
  • Sampling pump which can simultaneously collect samples in 4~9 chambers is installed.
  • Sample holder which can hold liquid samples (Paints, adhesives etc.) is provided.
  • By controlling humidity with dew formation prevention apparatus, dew does not form within the chamber, and precision of temp-humidity is enhanced.
  • Automatic humidity control through MFC control of dry and humid air.
  • Improved accuracy of humidity by multi-apparatus of dry and humid air.
  • Small Chamber in accords with Official Test Method concentration (VOCs less than 20 µg / ㎥ / HCHO less than 5 µg / ㎥).
  • Acquired No. 1 type approval by Ministry of Environment (No. ISAM-2007-1).