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Small Chamber System Introduction/ Product · VOCs Chamber System
Composition of Single Unit Multi Test Small Chamber
Environmentally friendly building materials test chamber is single unit thermostat container, Clean Air Supply System, Small Chamber, Sample Holder, Sampling Pump and similar units are installed inside the single unit thermostat container allowing for reduced size.
Single Unit Multi Test Chamber
Single Unit Multi Test Chamber System.
  • Single Unit Multi Test Chamber and
    inside is the low-temperature constant temperature chamber,
    clean air supply, flow control system, sampling pump, temperature, humidity sensor etc. are placed within the chamber.
Convenient transportation and installation.
  • As it is single unit it needs little space, fixed wheels allow for convenient transport and installation is also simple.
Easy control method.
  • All settings can be controlled with 10.4” touch screen.
  • Real time display and USB back up is possible.
Easy and convenient maintenance.
  • Safe-mode and alarm function setting allows for simple maintenance.
  • Filter SET can be replaced by simple procedure.
Multiple Low Temperature Chamber
Display 10.4”TFT Color LCD Touch Screen
Power Supply AC220V 30A
Operating Temp. +10 to +50℃
Temp. control range +10 to +50℃ (PID control)
Temp. & Humidity control range ±0.5℃ / ±0.5% (with specimens no load)
Allowable heat load 1.2kw
Refrigerator 600W
Background TVOCs concentration 20㎍/㎥ or lower
Background HCHO concentration 5㎍/㎥ or lower
Inner Chamber Dimension 900(W)Ⅹ625(D)Ⅹ1445(H)mm
Outer Chamber Dimension 1400(W)Ⅹ902(D)Ⅹ1952(W)mm
Air Control Unit
Mass Flow Controller Clean Air MFC : full scale 300ml/min
Total Air MFC : 2,000ml/min
Wet Air MFC : 1,000ml/min
Power 0 ~ 5VDC
Temp. Humidity Sensor
Range Temp. -10℃ ~ 120℃
Humidity 0% ~ 95%
Output RH 4~20mA, Temp. passive 3-wire output
Accuracy ±2%, Pt 100Ω
Power 10 ~ 35VDC
Sampling Pump
Mass Flow Controller Sampling MFC : full scale 300m
Power DC24V
Pump type Diaphragm type
Range 1000ml/min
Max. vacuum -72kpa
Clean Air Supply Equipment
  • Air Supply Equipment inhales outside air to maintain a continuous pressure and produces air.
  • Air from the Air Supply Equipment is removed of organic matter (Hydro Carbon type) and other pollutants from moisture and air by going through 7 filter levels to produce high purity clean air.
  • High purity fresh air is each controlled to Dry Air, Wet Air by the MFC (Mass Flow Controller) and transferred to Automatic Humidity Controller.
Clean Air Supply System
Clean Air Trap 3 Stage 7 Step Filter
Background VOCs < 20ug/㎥
HCHO < 5ug/㎥
Air Control Mass Flow Controller (Max. 8-ch)
Small Chamber
  • Closed off with Teflon Packing.
  • By using 6 chamber-customized clips level of seal is enhanced.
  • Air is produced from below
    and the equal amount is ventilated from the top so that pressure is not held up within inside the chamber.
Small Chamber
Type 6 clip type
Material SUS 304 (Electric Polishing)
Capacity 20L
Sample Holder
  • This Sample Holder fixes the test subject specimen so that a fixed amount of surface can be exposed.
  • To affix the specimen, Teflon Packing is used and then fixed in place with screws.
  • There are Construction materials test Holder and liquid materials test Holders.
Sample Holder (Building/Liquid)
Type 4 volt fixed (2 step 8 Clip type)
Material SUS 304 (Electric Polishing)
Size W187XD187XH40mm
P/N MSCS-B-101 (Build)
P/N MSCS-L-101 (Liquid)
High-temp Cleaning Chamber
  • Used after Sample testing to clean Sample Test Chamber and Sample Holder for the test of next sample.
  • Safety measures for short circuit, overload, over heating are prepared and ready.
High Temperature Cleaning Chamber
Type Forced convection system
Temp. range Amb. ±5 ~ 350℃
Watt 4.8 kW
Internal Dimension W600XD600XH600mm
External Dimension W1190XD785XH980mm